Fournes is located close to the Pont du Gard, which is famous for this splendidly intact section of a 50 kilometre Roman aqueduct.  A fascinating area to visit, especially by canoe.

Other things to do and see in the area ...

 ( more details to come ...)

  • Local Markets
  • Music Festivals
  • Visiting historical sites and Provencal towns (Avignon, Arles, NImes, Les Baux, Nimes, Uzes,)
  • Swimming ( in local lake and river or in the Mediterranean sea)
  • Snorkling (see blog)
  • Canoeing (inflatable old canoe in house)
  • Biking (2 old bikes in house)
  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Horse Riding (in village)
  • Tennis (in village)
  • Boules (in village, set in house)
  • Visiting beautiful gardens, see our blog post on Gardens to Visit in Provence.
  • Visiting the Camargue (home of the pink flamingoes and black bulls)
  • The beauty of the Auverne &
  • Wine tasting
  • Bird watching
  • Bull games (no harm to the bulls)
  • Childrens Activities: Le Bois des Plumes
  • ... and much more.

For up to date information on things you can do please visit the Pont Du Gard Tourist Guide.